Thanks for all the work you have done in my garden over the summer. You have made it look better than it has ever looked before.

I can't wait to see the irises in bloom next spring. I know that was a big job and you did it magnificently.

Enjoy the holidays and the winter as much as you can. I will be in touch with you in April.

Take care,
Rabia has been putting her magic touch on my garden for the last two years, now going on three. My garden is now a planned garden; a far cry from what it used to be. Thanks to Rabia we now enjoy a shade garden and some sun-loving perennials and shrubs in our sunny area. She also arranged containers on our porch in a very artistic way.

Our favorite, however, is the butterfly garden that she developed. We love being outside with our grandkids; watching the monarchs hatching and witnessing one of nature’s miracles.

Rabia is hardworking and passionate. I would highly recommend her services to anyone hoping to take their garden to the next level.
Beverly Gorman
Rabia gave me back my garden. It had become so weedy in some of the beds I just wanted to tear it all out and put in sod. But now we can enjoy the beautiful garden again and my entire family is deeply grateful. Now she has been maintaining our garden and we are happy to have her as our primary gardener.
Margot Culhane
I have been very pleased with Rabia’s work in the garden. She has good ideas, knows what she is doing, and is a pleasure. I look forward to having her here again this season.
Judy Swezey
“Your Lush Garden” owner Rabia Khawaja helped us transform our many flower gardens (on acres of property) to works of art - our gardens are now absolutely amazing with a mix of hardy, flowering perennials and show stopping annuals that start blooming in April and come to a show stopping finish in late November. Rabia took the time to get to know us along with also learning about the challenges we have in our home environment (rodents, deer, Japanese beetles — to name a few!)

Our gardens are now filled with beautiful, hardy plants that are easy to maintain and provide us with hours of enjoyment. If you want to design a garden or gardens that provide you with color, contrast, interest and variety, “Your Lush Garden” owner Rabia will work closely with you to create the garden of your dreams!
Kristy Kibler
My friend, Rabia Khawaja, has the magic touch when it comes to green living things. She has met challenges from just about every kind of bug, weed, critter, and mystery disease in her own gardens and houseplants, and has overcome all to produce a lush haven around her home. Her herb gardens blend in seamlessly with her flower and vegetable gardens, creating edible beauty and peaceful vistas. Rabia has an innate sense for combining color, texture, and purpose for everything she grows, and can help anyone to make their dream of creating a lush garden a reality.
Debby Newman
I have a passion of gardening but didn't have much knowledge of it. Rabia worked and transformed it into a beautiful garden. She is not only passionate and hardworking individual, but a knowledgeable person who taught me how to maintain, and constantly improve my garden. Thanks Rabia!
David Le
You have heard of a " green thumb "? Well Rabia has green hands and heart as well. She can make anything grow and flourish and does it with great love. She is truly amazing.
Ann Thomas
Rabia is an exceptional gardener and I have witnessed her unique talents within gardens​ for past 17 years. She is a master in every step of gardening. .... PASSIONATE AND KNOWLEDGEABLE.
Darleen Mowry​