Our Specialties

Our service area includes Loudoun County, Virginia as well as Reston, Herndon and Great Falls, Virginia

Flower Gardens
Perennials Design Maintain
Annuals Plant Divide
Bulbs Weed Transplant
Ground Covers Mulch Dead-head

Ornamental Bushes
Evergreen Design Prune
Deciduous Plant Shape
Hedges Weed Mulch

Specialty Gardens
Native Migratory bird attractions Shade
Butterfly Pollinator Sun
Hummingbird Herb  

Vegetable Gardens
Design Mulch Spring
Plant Harvest Summer
Weed Fertilize (Organic) Fall

House Plants
Selection for decor Potting Dividing
Dusting and cleaning Repotting Pruning
Organic insect and disease control Positioning Staking
Special Occasions: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Valentine's Day